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Portfolio of Previous Work

A Selection of projects and design work from the first year of my MA and from my undergraduate course in Manchester.
'Sports and Stripes'
Undergraduate Knitwear Collection


A collection of garments that explore the potential of allowing the knit structure to inform the shape and design of garments. By considering the placement of techniques and the volume or texture they create on the body, I designed a collection of garments that rely directly upon the fabric technique, and the form of the body, to look and fit as they are supposed to. With a focus on texture, colour and detail I created a collection of outfits for Spring/Summer, which capture a young, sporty and vibrant feel.

SPINEXPO Cashmere Boutique Project 2014

Winning Collaborator of SPINEXPO Cashmere Project 2014


Using the research and techniques I had already started to develop in the final year of my MA I created these 3 show pieces to show off the cashmere of luxury yarn company UPW. I collaborated with Olivia Kennedy, a first year RCA Mixed Media student and together we created these sculptural 3-dimensional pieces that change the silhouette and accentuate the movement of the body through kinetic embellishments.

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