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Nicola Jones

MA RCA Graduate 2014

Inspired by architecture and living in London, my work has a strong focus on line, structure and shape. I enjoy observing and noticing structures, patterns and rhythms that we take forgranted and walk past everyday and I am drawn towards the contrast and brutality of hard concrete and glass against our soft moving bodies.


As well as looking at the urban landscape of the city and the bold structures and lines within it, I am also very much inspired by the act of knitting itself.


My passion lies in creating beautiful and innovative knitted textiles that focus on intense surface texture, detail and technique. I enjoy playing on the machine and experimenting with unexpected combinations of yarn, technique and structure,

and I am infatuated with yarns and fabrics that ‘do’ something. Many of the fabrics I create change in some way when you touch or pull them and I am intrigued by the relationship and interaction this creates between a garment and the wearer.


My intention when designing is to create materials and surfaces that stir imagination and curiosity and that people are desperate to handle and interact with.


Upon graduation from the RCA I intend to pursue a career in material innovation within the sportswear industry and will shortly be embarking on a Graduate Materials Design Internship at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon.

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